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This is a very simple 'homepage' for my Omani call, A45WY.

Issued in May 2013, this call is an 'A' class licence for all bands, all modes as authorised by TRA, the Omani regulators.

I have managed to get on air from the Royal Omani Radio Society (ROARS) HQ, just up the road from where I am living most weekends, (Saturday mornings) which I intend to continue to do. Operating has been "holiday style" which is rather ad-hoc for a few hours each week, on a Saturday morning (our second weekend day). Oman is GMT (UTC) + 4, so 0600 GMT is 1000 locally. There is no change to our clocks here, so that +4 hours is good all year round. The ROARS HQ building closes at 1330 local, so I have to close the station down at 1300 local and write the log up. That's immovable I'm afraid. There are no Friday operations.

However, I now have my house licenced as well (see below), so will be operating QRP PSK-31 for the most part out of there, plus a bit of SSB and a bit of CW.

QSL is all direct, via the singular address I've put up on QRZ.com as the logs are all manual, in a paper-based log book that needs signing every time we use it. I have some QSL cards printed now so do send one in via the buro if you want one.

Please be aware that airmail postage here is expensive. Skeds from HQ don't really work as I never know who's going to be there when I arrive !

My current logbook (in .pdf) is to be found here for QSO checking purposes

Here are a selection of pictures from the "home" QTH station of A45WY

A45WY Operating Position(s)

A45WY PSK-31 Operating Position(s)

Here are a selection of pictures of the operating position(s) at HQ

The Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society HQ Operating Position(s)

The Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society HQ Operating Position(s)

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