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Greetings !

If you have reached this page, the chances are you are either interested in scuba diving yourself, or you are a Radio Amateur wondering what the hell I am doing with both a radio hobby and a scuba diving hobby - can they be complementary ?? Surely not ??


Many years ago (now), I was working out in the Middle East and I happened upon a couple of people in full scuba gear down at the deep end of the pool in the compound I was living on. Upon enquiry later, I found they were doing the first of the practical bits for the "PADI" scuba diving course, and I got interested.

Middle East jobs being what they are, I had no sooner got interested than the job changed and I rather lost the thread over the next several years, until December 2013 that is, when I finally managed, along with my wife and youngest son, to get qualified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. I've been enjoying it ever since and go diving at least once a month.

As an update, on the 19th September 2014, I passed my SSI Nitrox (EAN 40) exam, so I am now a fully qualified Nitrox diver as well. I now have the option of diving on air, or Nitrox. Nitrox is a different gas mix to air (21 percent oxygen, 79 percent nitrogen) in that it has less nitrogen and more oxygen in it. That means I get more time under the water and have to spend a little less inter-dive "surface time" on the boat (although its always nice to socialise with the other divers over lunch). And, as a further update, effective the 9th October 2014, I am also qualified as an Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver, to a maximum depth of 30m. Fantastic !!

At long last, I finally have a set of filters (red for blue waters, magenta for green waters) for the camera now, so hopefully the pictures will be a little less green or a little less blue, and more natural colours - as I actually see them.

Enjoy !

Here are a few pictures of recent underwater activity

Depth + Temp

You don't have to be too deep to see some fantastic sights !

Fabulous Corals !

Fantastic Corals. . .

Leopard Shark, resting

Sometimes you get a real treat.

More Corals !

And yet more coral !

Depth + Temp

But sometimes you have to go a bit deeper to see the fantastic sights !

Lion Fish

A Lion Fish - if this stings you - can be deadly !


A colleague also having fun


Fierce Grouper - hiding !

Fish playing in a pot

Fish playing in a lobster pot

Manta Ray

A Fabulous Manta Ray

The dive group

The Diving Group

Turtle - posing

Turtle - Posing !

Turtle Posing

Turtle - Posing !

Turtle swimming

Turtle - Swimming !

Turtle swimming

Turtle - One Last Look !

Setting up camera

Setting up the GoPro 10m down

Underwater filming in action

Underwater filming in action


Al Munassir Wreck, 13m to 33m down, off Muscat, Oman

A colleague diver doing deep skills

A colleague diver doing his Advanced - some deep skills training, 30m down

An egg yolk at 30m down !

An egg yolk at 30m down !

My youngest son - having some fun

Some family members - having fun !

My youngest son - having some fun !

Some family members - having fun !

My youngest son - having some fun underwater

Some family members - having fun !

My wife Sue - joining in the fun

Some family members - having fun !

Turtle !!

Turtle !

Dive Guide - fully equipped

One of our Dive Guides - fully equipped

All too soon, the dive is finished, bar the safety stop

All too soon, it's time to head back to the surface

Surface Interval

That all important surface interval - and lunch !

Surface Interval

That all important surface interval - and lunch !

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