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Latest News from Andy, the GBØBWS Licensee

Good heavens, it's that time of year already, and here we are at 13th October 2012, with barely a week to go and I haven't even written the intro up ! Sorry. This year's been really bonkers busy, and with very little time for anything fun !

This year's theme in our HQ is "How Big Is Your World" as a follow-on from last year's Emergency Communications theme, with the Scouts and Cubs having survived a natural disaster (an earthquake in East Scoutonia) and having managed to get themselves to their HQ building as they know that's a place of food and shelter. NOW, they have to try and find out how many other groups have managed to survive around the globe, using radio and the internet (which is very flakey, but such as it is) and set up links with them.

We shall be operating from the Scout HQ building in Bishop's Waltham, upstairs as usual, suitably decked out, so we'll most likely be on 80m late Friday evening, and then on various bands during the daytime Saturday, back to 80m Saturday evening and then back to various bands during the daytime Sunday. HF will be our major mainstay radio this year, with a few local contacts on VHF 2m.

This year, our JOTA and JOTI registrations are both complete, I have the licence NoV, and we will be running the HF and VHF radios, just as we have done in the past. There will be no 6m or 4m activity this year. Nor will we have any Satcomms or Echolink this year, due to non-availability of personnel and equipment - sorry. Our Echolink system was not good last year, and we relied on getting onto a proxy, none of which was very clever.

I am also hoping that there will be a few more licenced Scout operators around this year too, so that I can drop back into more of a management role and take some photos of the event for uploading onto the website. This year we'll try a better camera or two.

Best 73, Andy, GØJLX